Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mount Washmore

Wow- Spring break is almost over and I have almost conquered Mount Washmore! I always swear I am not going to let it get backed again, but sometime life happens.  I also swear I am going to make the teens do their own, but I don't want to waste the resources.

It has also been a busy week in the shop. I have been doing a lot of promoting and it has payed of with two orders this week-end. So Happy Dance. My only frustration is I don't think I can manage all the promoting during a typical week. So I will just keep plugging along. I really enjoy the people I have met through Etsy and the Handmade Circle especially. So it is worth the work, even if it doesn't pay much. At least it supports my sewing habit. I can make a few things for E, my grandson, and buy the girls a few of the things they love on Etsy with what I make. 

Speaking of I am donating 10% of my sales this month to April is autism awareness month, and many of the students at BDC are autistic or on the spectrum.  I love working there, the kids are a blast, the parents are wonderful and I love the people I work with. They are all awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling post and have a wonderful rest of Spring Break.