Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello Discovery, Good-bye Enterprise

Today we are going to head to Udvar Hazy Center  We want to say good-bye to Enterprise and hello to Discovery. They are removing the space shuttle Enterprise(the only shuttle to never go into space and named for Star Trek) and replacing it with Discovery.  Enterprise will be heading off to New York City to take its place on the Intrepid. One of the things I love about living in the D.C. Metro area is the advantage of taking my children to explore history and the opportunity to allow them to live history.

I grew up in the 'burbs of Dayton Ohio, so aviation is was a way of life for us. Kitty Hawk may have the first flight, but the Wright brothers are Daytonians and we have the first plane and many other aviation firsts. So I guess aviation is bred in our genes, or highly encouraged by our society. Ohio does have a lot of aviation firsts- Wright brothers: first flight, John Glenn: first to orbit the earth: Neil Armstrong: first to walk on the moon and a total of 24 Astronauts are from the Buckeye State.  Of course we have the "Best Dam Band in the Land" as well! O-H-I-O go Buckeyes!

Enterprise and Discovery -nose to nose.

So we will be at the Udvar Hazy center watching the final step, in the retirement of the space shuttle. As sad as it makes me, I am glad to have a chance to live this moment in History, and remembering the high price of space exploration made by many families. Thank you for your sacrifices.
Discovery enters the hanger!