Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest Fail!

Okay I love me some Pinterest! But a few of the ideas have been total failures.

Like the glow sticks cut open to make glow in the dark bubbles, this was our experience as well- Fail!
It seemed to make the bubble solution to thin and they just broke and we couldn't successfully blow a bubble. Or the Mountain Dew glow-stick bottles!  I tried this with a classroom full of students. Fail!
At least I suspected that this wouldn't work. I did it any how and we came up with a hypothesis and discussed that it was an experiment and they were acting as scientists. Most importantly not all experiments are successful. We also created a graph of predictions, will it work or fail. So in as a learning experience it was a success and I had purchased glow sticks as a back up- Win!

But this one is my biggest disappointment to date has got to be the biggest disappointment:
We tried this in our classroom for Mothers Day. It kind of works, but when we checked on the plates 
after cooling it definitely wasn't permanent. The sharpie came of with very little wiping. if you want to use it for cookies or  something along those lines I am sure it would be okay. I just wouldn't want anything of substance that will cause wiping of any effort! It is possible that it works better with different glazes, after all we used cheap dollar tree plates. We are on a very tight budget for classroom activities. The kids still had a great time making them. We also added instruction that the plates are for display only. My kids could give me a pet rock for Mothers Day and I would still love it!

If you would like to try this and want have a permanent usable plate invest in some of the ceramic pens that are also oven bake.  I have also heard that that washing the prewashing the plates with a soft scrubby helps the sharpie adhere better. Sorry I didn't get to take any pictures of the plates the kiddos made. We had a really crazy afternoon thanks to Mothers Day and Teacher Appreciation Week. 

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