Friday, May 18, 2012

First week end with our Grandson

Well I am feeling better and it is a good thing! We have a very busy weekend, Sunday is my son-in-law's birthday and my daughter took him to New York for the weekend. That means we have are grandson and 2 grandpuppies for the weekend. They left on Thursday evening and will return on Saturday. We will meet them at Dave and Busters for a celebration. Shh! It is a surprise.  I am enjoying my time with Enzo and the dogs, but this house is not big enough for 2 extra dogs, we already have 2 of our own and they aren't little ones.  Sunday is one of our friends daughters 1st Birthday! This a great celebration since she was born 6 weeks premature.  

With Enzo crawling now he seems to be into everything! I think his favorite toy is the dogs water bowl- lol. We have one of those water bowls with the big bottle attached and he loves to stand up holding on to the bottle dipping his toes into the water or splashing his fingers in it. I have nightmares of knocking over the water bottle and having a gallon of water to clean up before the wood floors are damaged.  Have a great weekend and enjoy some time with those you love. Remember family is not always the ones you are related to by blood. I need to run remove the baby from the water bowl.