Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Remembered

I wanted to remind everyone to take a few moments this long holiday weekend to remember what we are celebrating. I know we all love the official start of summer, all of the barbeque's, trips to pool, and camping trips. All wonderful memories being made with our families.

I want to thank all of the families that have made the ultimate sacrifice to our country. Thank you for allowing our families to continue building memories. I thank you for continuing to move on after such a loss and building memories with the family that you still continue on with and treasuring the memories of those lost. 

My husband spent 22 years in the Air Force.  We traveled the world and have wonderful memories of those he served with, I count them as extended family.  Today many soldier's are participating in the flags in at Arlington National Cemetery. They are being reminded of what their service to our country could require of them. My family has a long history of military service. Most came home, a few did not. Many came home with memories that still haunt their dreams.

Thank you to all who serve and protect our rights even when you don't agree with the politics that put you in harms way.