Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Under Pressure- Pressure Smoker review

I enjoy cooking. Being that I am a busy Mom I have to find balance. I use my slow cooker a lot. I love that it doesn't heat up the house during the summer. I can come home from work and have dinner ready with out the insanity of trying to get it all done and still have time for homework, etc.

I have also discovered the joy of a pressure cooker. The Hubs and I received a special pressure smoker for Christmas. I had my doubts at first, but I have come to love it. The Hubs is a die hard charcoal cooker, that makes grilling during the winter a real challenge her in Mid Atlantic region. I really like the smoker. I can't say as though I would have purchased it for ourselves but since it was a gift I had to try it out. Our friend know I love kitchen gadgets and he loves to grill so it should be perfect right? Well it was. So far I have used it to smoke salmon, turkey breast, game hens and pork tenderloins(notice the plural) more than once. I would say the pork tenderloin is my favorite, 4lbs smoked in 40 minutes. What isn't to love. I also used it to pressure cook without smoke the corned beef for St. Patrick's day. One of the things that impressed me with that was after smoking it maintains a bit of a smoky odor, but I did not notice a smoke flavor in the corned beef. I cooked the corned beef released the pressure, pulled it out to stand. Then I added the vegetables into the cooker, replaced the lid and cooked the veggies for 10 minutes under pressure. Not only were they soft and tender, but flavored as if they had been slow cooked with the meat. Yummy!

It says you can use it to brown foods before cooking and as a steamer. I have not tried these features yet.

This is our sweet little baby:
disclaimer I received no gifts or payment from the manufacturer or the hamacher in exchange for this review.