Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery arrives at Dulles

Here she is! We spent most of the morning waiting and watching the sky. I wasn't very productive in the shop, but I couldn't miss a moment in history. My grandson and I waited outside on the deck from 10:00 until close to 11:00 when we were finally rewarded with this shot.

I was  very excited to get the shot. I almost missed it.  I had stepped inside to start feeding E. I had held him off as long as I could. The deck is right off the kitchen so I figured if it came by I could step out and get the shot.  To be honest I had just about given up and decided it was landing from the south instead of the north, and it did. On the last go around it flew over our house.  Most of the planes going into Dulles land from the north and fly over our home. It was just my luck that today the shuttle might not. I would like to thank the pilots for taking that one last loop. It made the plane noise we live with everyday so worth it.

I am glad I got to watch the final approach, even if it was such a quick glance. I am even happier that I got to watch it with my sweet boy. Even if he will never remember.