Monday, October 3, 2011

About Me

Hi I am Priscilla aka Kiki. I have just opened an Etsy store Kiki's Closet- and I am trying to get back in touch with my creativity, self expression and sewing and crafting skills. I am the Mom of 4. I have two older children and a set of twins that are now entering High School.  Having the children spread so far apart is nice. You also ended up with terrible 2's and teens, and then young adults and teens. I joke that the twins are here just to prove God has a sense of humor, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I also work for a small special education after school program. We are the only one in our county. The majority of our kids are Autistic I love the work we do with them. I also manage Multiple Sclerosis(MS). Multiple Sclerosis is a auto immune disease that attacks the nervous system.

I have always enjoyed crafting. Everything from knitting, sewing, painting and scrapbooking.  I have distanced myself from some of my crafting because of TIME. I am now making time for me and my sewing. Sewing is one of the outlets I have missed the most. I started sewing with my Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother as a child, four generations stiching together.  My Grandmother passed away last year and I found myself wanting to reconnect to the previous generations of sewing.  I also became a Grandmother and I found myself wanting to create all of the wonderful handmade items for my new Grandson, that I treasured from my past and introduce my younger kids to the enjoyment and pride that comes from creating something from a stack of fabric.

I hope you enjoy my adventures in creating! And managing my life.